Crucial Conversations – There is a better way


I don’t know about you, but what makes my life harder is not knowing what to do, but it’s knowing how to work with others in getting it done. As I watch my student teachers, coach schools, and work with colleagues, I become increasingly aware of the importance of expressing concerns effectively. In my own case, I have seen too many times when I have not brought something up because I did not want to offend someone else. This may not be your problem, if it’s not, that’s great. If it is, there is a resource that might help.

Arguing Penguins

from creative commons in Flickr

 I have been reviewing Joseph Greeny’s Crucial Conversations approach. This is a link to a short overview of how this process works  By making others feel safe, before you begin talking about the facts, you can increase the chances of working out your concerns. There is more the approach, but I think it has useful implications for our work as coaches and advocates.

If you are interested, here is link to the book on Amazon It might make for good reading over your break. It also might help with any family gatherings you are not looking forward to! I would appreciate your thoughts about this resource. Please comment at